Brand Identity and Marketing Materials

ClariLegal is a vendor management platform and marketplace that simplifies the buying of services needed for legal work that corporations and law firms require. Both buyers and service providers benefit from reduced costs, time saved, better quality, enhanced communication and improved transparency. ClariLegal allows buyers and sellers to be in control of the work instead of the work controlling them.

Design Process

ClariLegal came to Design Corps through Regrut Communication. They were a start-up, but, unlike many,it was created by an experienced team that has started and sold several innovative tech companies. Design Corps walked through three steps with them in order to help them meet their branding and marketing goals as quickly as possible:
BRAND POSITIONING DETERMINATION—Doing a “Brand Positioning Report” involves surveying the client and collecting the information in a straightforward report that defines the company brand based on company benefits, target audience expectations, and competitive distinctions. With this information clearly presented we had a clear mandate as to what the corporate identity needed to convey.
VISUAL EXPLORATION—Using the Brand Positioning report as our guide we produced multiple directions for the corporate logo emphasizing varying aspects required.
LOGO CREATION AND REFINEMENT—choosing one direction we moved forward on making both the mark and text of the logo as distinctive as possible


The final logo acts as a clear target for corporations and law firms looking for a safe place to shop for extra legal services. design Corps produced not just the corporate logo but also provided basic direction on corporate colors, fonts and image styles. We then produced a brochure, business card template, and trade show graphics for ClariLegal.

company: ClariLegal
advertising agency: Regrut Communications
designer: John Wollinka