Backpacker’s Guide to Business Success

Thriving in the Wilderness of Business

Success in the business world is a lot like climbing a mountain—it requires one to plan, prepare, and persevere until you reach your goal. In The Backpacker’s Guide to Business Success, a renowned business coach and international speaker explores success in business by sharing insights gleaned from her backpacking experiences.


Design Process

Although self-published, this is not the author’s first book. It, therefore, took into account the need to formulate a unique product by understanding the audience and exploring the best means to communicate to them. As usual, the budget was tight and the writing process was long, but the goals were always clear.
Design Corps provided two or three cover concepts to refine the marketing aim. We then went on to design an interior that was neither flashy nor boring and even produced graphics and tables for the text.

Backpacker’s Guide to Business Success: Thriving In The Wilderness Of Business
Publisher: Harvest Business Enterprises
Paperback: 208 pages
Author: Janna Hoiberg