Pioneer Clubs: The One Way Cafe

Taste and See That the Lord Is Good…

For over 75 years Pioneer Clubs has helped churches to provide vibrant children’s ministry for their congregations and their communities. Now they also offer a low-budget way for churches to get VBS (Vacation Bible School) materials that are rich in Bible teaching, fun in design, yet inexpensive on the budget. For their 2nd year offering VBS materials, the theme was the One Way Café—at the intersection of faith, food, and fun, and, yes, it did make us hungry.


Design Process

Design Corps was involved in the entire development of the look and feel of this year’s theme. We started with the design of the One Way Café logo. By researching retro (1950s and ’60s) diner architecture, menus, and environment (as well as food) we got a pretty good idea of where we wanted to go. While wanting to be true to the retro 1950s look of the theme, it was more important to appeal to kids born in this century. This resulted in a liberally applying the bright colors, cartoon styles, and rich textures & elements from that era, but repackaging it in a way not limited to 1950s printing styles.
Following the establishment of the general look, we then came up with illustrated panels for promotional materials (posters, 4X6 postcards) as well as interior design templates for the curriculum. The result, we hope, is fun and mouthwatering graphics that will appeal to kids of all ages.

One Way Café: Taste and See That the Lord Is Good
Publisher: Pioneer Clubs
Package: logo, binder, curriculum, promotional poster, 4X6 postcard