Blue Monarch Press

A Publisher of Dreams

Blue Monarch Press is a small company devoted to helping new authors break through the barriers of getting published. The work begins with helping authors birth their writing voice. It is much like seeing the author’s words go into the hibernation of a chrysalis and emerge transformed. The character of Blue Monarch Press lives fully in the character of the founder, Gwyn Nichols, who has a very personal touch when working with her authors.


Design Process

Capture and communicate the essence of  Gwyn Nichols and you will succeed in positioning Blue Monarch Press. Design Corps needed to convey the balance of one who is both a nurturing and encouraging writer-editor and a shrewd, focused and professional business woman. A small publisher must present both sides in order to communicate on the creative human level of art and words while at the same time presenting a sense of professional competence. Thus the depiction of the living art on the left side of this crafted mark (the butterfly) with the resulting salable product on the right (the book). Other more subtle ways of striking the balance exist with contrasts of type and color. For instance, using the casualness and warmth of all lowercase letters with the business-like and formal blue enhances the overall communication.