The Fire Bible for Kids

Getting Kids Spiritually Excited

In order to help kids survive in this world, the Assemblies of God (Life Publishers International) wanted to produce a version of their popular Fire Bible in a format for children. In 2010, while the Fire Bible for Kids was in production, Alton Garrison, President of the Assemblies of God Bible Alliance, wrote to his constituents: “In Acts 2:38-39 (NIV), the Holy Spirit is promised to our kids: “You will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children and all who are far off.” With the Fire Bible for Kids, we are helping the children of the world today — and for generations to come — know that the Holy Spirit is for them and the promise is for them. We are Preserving the Promise! … The Fire Bible for Kids is currently in production, but I have been given some sample copies of a few pages. I was so excited when I got these that I had to share them with you.”

Design Corps was responsible for design of the cover and the interior.


Design Process

Design Corps worked through The Livingstone Corporation, providing multiple concepts and focusing on conveying the radiance and energy of fire without, of course, all of its accompanying characteristics of pain and destruction. The final cover was dynamic, dimensional and fun. The interior had a similar feel with full-color illustrations, and orange and black inks were used to convey the same warmth and glow of fire. The overall result is an eye-catching, kid-friendly cover.


The Fire Bible for Kids
Publisher: Life Publishers International
Hardcover: 1,792 pages
Translation: NKJV