The Surgeon’s Sin

Seeking Atonement

Neurosurgeon Peter Jenson botches a brain tumor operation. With his patient dying, his wife leaving, and his enemies denouncing his ability to practice, he begins the long journey to redemption by making a promise he shouldn’t keep to a woman he can’t refuse, and seeking the help he needs from a man he can’t trust.The journey leads to anxious surgeries in Florida and gunfights in Central America, resulting only in despair. Finally, Peter makes a mutual survival pact with his friend’s widow, a suicidal alcoholic. Together they seek a path of love and forgiveness as he faces the fulfillment of a fatal promise, an act that may cost him everything.


Dean was born and raised in Minneapolis. After receiving his BA and MD from the University of Minnesota, he did his post-doctoral training in neurological surgery at Yale University. After practicing for three decades in Jacksonville, Florida, he builds small boats, plays with his grandchildren, and writes.

The Surgeon’s Sin
Publisher: self-published
Paperback: 270 pages
Author: Dean Lohse